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Ranchers PREMIER supplier of grass based buffalo breeding stock.


Your PREMIER supplier of whole, half, and quarters of grass-finished (grass-fed) buffalo.

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Grass Finished Meat

Requests for affordable yet high quality grass-finished buffalo meat are at an all time high and so are the disappointed consumers. We get many calls from people who are sorely disappointed with their previous buffalo meat supplier. They invariably say that they want the healthfulness associated with grass-finished buffalo and ask why can’t it consistently taste good, too? Click here to learn the difference between grass-fed and grass-finished.

The simple fact is that it takes a much higher skill level to produce flavorful meat from grass only. Not every rancher understands how to consistently do this. We do.

Our years of experience raising buffalo combined with a well balanced ranch makes for a big difference in quality.

We manage our lands using principles taught by Allen Savory at Holistic Management International. These principles help us to mimic the effects that buffalo historically had on the grasslands. These practices allow us to create a balanced and healthful environment for the animals to thrive in.

The meat that you get from us is literally the fruit of our work. It is the summation of a lifetime of study, planning, thought, sweat and even love. This is our living – not a hobby or a sideline. Each pasture and each phase in the buffalo’s life has been carefully considered to ensure that the whole has benefited from our actions.

What all this means is that our meat is the finest quality grass-finished meat that one can buy. It has a wonderful taste and it is loaded with the beneficial Omega 3 and Conjugated Linoleic Fatty Acids that are so healthful. Click here to learn more.

The animals live out on grass their entire lives and are never fed grain – ever. We dry age each carcass from 7- 12 days to ensure they always eat well. We only offer you young, tender, healthy animals. We never feed animal by-products. We never allow the use of antibiotics for these animals nor do they ever receive added hormones.

Because you are buying direct from the grower it makes a big difference in price too! We charge less for our bundles than you can find ground buffalo for in your local store. That’s not just for the burgers either. That’s for the steaks, roasts and ribs too!! Click here to see all the details. Where else can you find buffalo steaks for less than the price of ground buffalo?

We look forward to supplying you and your family with Nature’s Best Meat – delivered right to your door!

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