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Ranchers PREMIER supplier of grass based buffalo breeding stock.


Your PREMIER supplier of whole, half, and quarters of grass-finished (grass-fed) buffalo.

Welcome To Our Website!

You have found the internet home of Beaver Creek Buffalo. Beaver Creek Buffalo is a joint venture of Ken Klemm and family and Peter Thieriot and family.

Beaver Creek Buffalo’s dual purpose is to be the premier supplier of pure grass-finished buffalo meat and be the industry leader in providing grass based genetics for ranchers in the US.

We strongly believe that the health and environmental benefits of grass-finished buffalo cannot be matched.

Cruise our website to learn how we provide consumers the opportunity to benefit from eating our tasty pure grass-finished buffalo meat. You’ll also see how we provide ranchers the type of genetics that nature intended – grass-based genetics.

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Ken or Laurie Klemm

Phone: 888-330-8686 or 785-899-9274

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Just wanted to let you know that we are thoroughly enjoying the half bison we purchased from you last month. The meat has incredible taste - noticeably more flavor than the bison we have been buying from Whole Foods. We have served some to friends and family and expect you will be seeing orders from them too.

Thank you for your diligent work to produce high quality meat for your customers! I know this was no accident.

Brad F., Fort Collins, CO

PS - feel free to quote me in whole or part.

Ranching Seminar

September 24-28, 2019

Well-known bison ranching pioneer Ken Klemm and internationally-recognized Holistic Management consultant and educator Kirk Gadzia offer here a unique opportunity to learn cutting-edge management practices and a behind the scenes look at a well-established bison and cattle ranch in NW Kansas. This year we offer two tracks packed-full of information and hands-on experiences.

101 Track: Intro to Holistic Management and Bison (Tuesday thru Thursday Morning)

Tuesday:  A full day of Holistic Management instruction with Kirk and Ken. Holistic Management is most easily defined by simply adding W to the word holistic. This describes what the process does - helps us manage Whole situations rather than perceived parts. Managing the whole gives better results and fewer unexpected problems. Many publications today are filled with gloomy forecasts about agriculture and the environment. Yet, there are few who offer realistic solutions that strengthen both our economy and communities. To reverse this trend, we must do it with people already on the land. Holistic Management gives human values a priority, while creating profit through proven financial planning procedures and ecosystem enhancement techniques.

Upon completion of the day, you can expect to have a clear introduction of how to put the principles of Holistic Management into practice to achieve your goals. Understanding and managing the ecosystem is emphasized, as well as the tools available to you to influence your financial, land and people resources. You will also be introduced to specific techniques you need to help you significantly improve your ability to make better decisions in your business.

Wednesday: All day with Ken and Kirk doing actual rangeland monitoring on well-established, real-world monitoring transects.  See how Holistic Management principles have almost tripled the stocking rate of this ranch and greatly increased the biological diversity and health of the land.

Thursday Morning: Time in the field learning the ins and outs of bison management, pasture fence and corral design and construction.  Hint: Pasture fence, if done right, is low cost and very effective. Also, Ken will share the why and the how of his co-grazing of cattle and bison. Also, see the results of 15+ years of cover-crop research, its application and farmland soil regeneration progress. This will be a show-all, tell-all time to learn and shorten your learning curve.

201 Track: Advanced Holistic Management and Ranch Financial Instruction (Thursday Afternoon thru Saturday Morning)

Thursday Afternoon:  Kirk will present perhaps one of the most important facets of Holistic Management – decision making. 

Friday: Dive deep into actual pasture, grazing, and financial planning with Kirk.  Bring your numbers and maps of your land or learn from others. Ken will share the actual profit calculators and herd record/monitoring systems he uses to operate his ranch. After this day you will possess the needed critical financial tools and be well on your way to becoming a proficient land and business manager.

Saturday Morning: Final wrap-up for Q&A in the classroom or in the field.

  • 8:00 am start times all days
  • Noon – 1:00 pm: Lunch Provided (Hint: It won't be chicken)

Lodging is $75/night/room:  Two beds per room with shared bathrooms. Clean, simple, rural and very comfortable. We have limited lodging here at the ranch in our Prairie Lodge and will be available on first-come first-serve basis. Overflow lodging can be found in nearby Goodland, KS (18 miles distant). Quite often the fellowship and contacts made “outside” the scheduled time is just as valuable as the scheduled time itself.
Cost: Track One only - $700 per person/$600 for the second person from the same ranch. Add Track Two - $675/$575. Both tracks - $1275/$1075. 50% due at booking. Continental breakfast and delicious lunch are included each day. Dinner is on your own.

Transportation to the seminar is not included, however, Goodland has a first-class private airport and we can pick you up.

Transportation while at the seminar is included.

  • Class size is limited. Don't delay!
  • Register by 2 Sept. 2019
  • 10% off for registrations made by 1 June

Sponsored by:
The Buffalo Guys
Beaver Creek Buffalo Co, LLC.
email: ken@thebuffaloguys.com

Send your check to:
Beaver Creek Buffalo
PO Box 102
Goodland, KS 67735

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